Sparkling Blinds in No Time

As with all investments for the home, you will want to keep any new additions from damage and ensure they stay in tip-top condition. Window blinds may not be the first thing that spring to mind when considering maintenance in and around the home, but they are an important commodity to look after if you want to hold onto them for the foreseeable future.

Due to the position of blinds, they are prone to collect a lot of dust and debris, so the best way to keep them looking good as new is simply to clean them regularly. This should be a fairly straightforward task and cleaning instructions depend on which material your blinds are created from.

Begin the blind cleaning process by dusting to get rid of any debris. The dusting attachment on your vacuum cleaner is an effective means of getting rid of all the unwanted dust. Vacuum each side of the blind to make sure you get all the dust from the front and back, and if you have a Venetian or shutter style then make sure you vacuum in between each slat.

If you do not have a vacuum cleaner or dusting attachment then use a dry cloth to dislodge any unwanted dust particles - static cling dusters are also particularly handy as they attract dust and are clean and easy to use. Avoid feather dusters as they are likely to simply spread the dust around even more, making such cleaning tasks more difficult.

If your blinds are lightly marked then use a damp cloth or some antibacterial wipes to remove the offending stains. For material blinds use warm water only, and apply a mild soap to clean any stains on the fabric.

If you have metal blinds then make sure you don't apply too much pressure when cleaning them, as they are easily bent and will only cause permanent damage. If you find it easier, you can remove the whole metal blind, lay it out flat and clean with a hose or bucket of water. Whatever you do, don't clean wood or fabric blinds this way as the water will ruin them.

What's more, use some furniture polish and a dry duster to polish faux wood blinds - dusting the blinds thoroughly will repel dust. It is also possible for some types of polish to come with anti-dust ingredients, which could possibly help in the fight against dust and debris. However, lemon oil is a natural alternative if you don't like to use chemicals in the home.

Alternatively, rubbing a tumble dryer sheet over wood or metal window blinds works well to repel dust and dirt and should minimise the frequency at which you have to do a thorough clean of your window blinds. With so many cleaning tips available, there really is no reason not to keep your window blinds looking new.


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